To blog or not to blog

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So here it goes, I will be the first to put my hand up and admit I am not much of a writer. Moreover, I have never felt the need to put my thoughts to paper nor have I given blogging much of a thought, an activity I previously considered exclusive to the wordsmiths among us. Yet here I sit, happily tippy-tapping at my plastic keys. Writing paragraphs, deleting sentences, writing, deleting, creating, erasing. How fun…I digress.

In just under 3 weeks’ time I will be on a plane, cutting across pacific ocean’s skies at a face ripping 900kmph, most likely fixating my gaze on the distant horizon and speculating what new life awaits in the land of the rising sun, Japan.

Which brings me to why I am doing this. I love Japan. I have always loved Japan. I don’t know why, maybe it was because of the pretty Japanese ladies I had seen on tv as a four-year-old boy. It was a mini-series adaptation of James Clavell’s book Shōgun. The show, set in 1600s Japan, featured some seriously badass samurai, beautiful Japanese women and a marooned English sailor (a badass in his own right) who through a series of fortunate events ascends to the much-coveted title of hatamoto (direct servant of the Shōgunate). I was so young, but man oh man, that story really stuck with me throughout my whole upbringing and the early adulthood. The samurai, the colourful yukatas, the language, all of it so alien yet oddly familiar. An obsession was born.

It becomes impossible for someone like me to pin a single reason why Japan continues to fascinate me. I hope to refine this answer as I spend more time living and working in this country. My hope is to document as much of my daily life as possible, either through this very blog or via the not yet existent YouTube channel (links will be posted when ready). By sharing my experiences I aim to encourage people to come and visit Japan.

ブログを書くべきか、書かざるべきか(それが問題) (To blog or not to blog).





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