Why did I create Joyride Japan?

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‘Joyride Japan’ is a platform through which I wish to share my experiences of living and working in rural Japan. I live in a very small mountain town in the Kōchi prefecture on the island of Shikoku. My goal is to encourage others to come visit Shikoku and experience the unique culture and immense natural beauty it has to offer.

About me

I am a sake tasting machine, cycling enthusiast, nature lover, self-proclaimed culinary genius, arachnophobe.

My name is Ivan and I am one of those New Zealanders who has spent most of their adult life living and working in Australia. In my previous life I was a data analyst working in financial services. In mid to late 2016, a series of events led me to re-asses what it is that I wanted to get out of my life. I drew a line and from that point on a decision was made. My childhood dream of living in Japan was once again resurrected, the dream progressed into a series of plans, those plans evolved to action, actions which led me towards eventually applying for the JET Programme.

“My goals are simple – learn the language, create new bonds, experience and learn from an incredibly rich and fascinating culture”

The application process was rigorous and long drawn but finally in April 2017 I was informed that the efforts I had invested were not in vain. My application to work on the JET Programme was successful and so the dream was finally evolving into very happy reality.

Having left my old life behind, I am now fulfilling the hopes of a four-year old me. My goals are now simple – learn the language, create new bonds, have fun (kids, never forget this one), experience and learn from an incredibly rich and fascinating culture


ブログ作成を思い立った理由 (Why did I create Joyride Japan?).

Joyride Japan……さしずめ「自転車こいで、楽しむ日本」といった感じでしょうか。このサイトが僕にとっての、ひとつの足がかりとなります。都会から離れた場所で暮らし、仕事をするという個人的な体験を、このブログを通じてみなさんにお話しできれば、と考えています。僕は今、四国は高知県の山間部にある、とても小さな町に住んでいます。ブログで目指すのは、みなさんに「四国へ行ってみよう」とまずは思ってもらうこと。そして、この土地がもっている特色ある文化や、広大な自然の美しさを体験してもらうことです。

自己紹介 (About me)